Classic Car Insurance

Using Classic Car insurance is a good thing if you don’t want to buy a brand new car. If you have an old car, or maybe an antique car and you found a new one that you want to have, then you can also do business with it by trading. Trading your old car can help you get a new car that is mostly done now in this generation. In this kind of case, you can go for Classic Car Insurance that will surely help you with that kind of matter. Then when you find a person who wants the car that you want to trade, and you also like the car that he is trading, then you could do your business to having your new vehicle.

What is classic car insurance?

Classic cars are defined as 19 to 24 years old car, being restored or in good condition. They also have a higher value than the cars model in the same year.  Classic car insurance rates are ranging from 39%, which is less than to the standard of the auto rates. This type is insurance, not just an n insurance, but it is a more specialized one.

What is the eligibility for classic car insurance?

Some companies require only classic vehicles to use limited like a pleasure driving, participating in a parade or some exhibition. They also include a maximum for annual mileage restriction for its use.

Carriers only provide coverage if you are:

  • 25 years old
  • Have a good record, especially in driving, and at least you have 10-years experience.
  • Within your three years, you don’t have more than one at-fault driving accident.
  • Have a safe place to park or keep your classic car like a fully enclosed garage and other.
  • Has another vehicle to use as your everyday use or driven regularly like going to work, school and in other destinations.
  • You lived in one state only – there are carriers that they only operate in countries.
  • If you will agree that you will to not use your classic car as a race car.
  • I have a collectible that is in good shape and is only intended to use for regular driving use.

Here are the Available discounts for a classic car:

  • If you have a multiple policies in the same carrier
  • If you have more than one classic car
  • If you have a clear driving record with no claims or accidents encountered in the past years.
  • If your vehicle is equip with the an anti-theft device.
  • If you have completed the defensive driver class.
  • If you only select a comprehensive coverage, this is ideal for classic owners that plan only to restore their vehicle.

Having a classic is super cool. If you want and you have a classic car to get insurance for it, you may consider checking an insurance company for more details. Because classic are old models of a car and are now extinct, you need to protect it from theft. A proper or a safety parking is needed and proper use of it is needed.


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