A Collision coverage for A Slick Road Conditions

Black ice is one of the causes of single car accidents. Black ice is the ice that formed on the road and can’t prevent to exist or seen. It is a mixture of snow, ice, and sleet that causes the road slick and cause major accidents. If your car got into this kind of situation, then Collision coverage can be a help. A collision can cover it through if you get damage into your vehicle. But this accident can also be considered at fault because you didn’t drive carefully.  You can still file collision coverage and wait to have a car insurance claim when the insurance company is done with their assessment.  To prevent a car accident, always remember that driving with care is a must. Be a professional and a responsible one.

If you can’t prevent to go out when its winter and you have to go somewhere and you are going to ride your vehicle, here are tips to avoid an accident in freezing and slick roads.

  • Know your car capabilities – There are available features of a vehicle like all-weather tires and anti-lock brakes, and it is an advantage. However, the car has a different performance I different weather, so you need to check your car first, or little test drive will do. If your vehicle can go along with a slick road, then you can go to your destination.
  • Check the battery of your car – The cold weather can affect the battery performance, so you need to check if it works optimally and it is a charge.
  • Keep your gas tank full – There are instances that because of the cold weather and stormy one can cause a delayed and traffic so it is best that your tank is complete so that you will not be trapped on the road because you ran out of gas.
  • Your wiper should have antifreeze fluid -So one of the essential things is your wiper, you need to have a winter wiper blades that will prevent the snow from hardening into the wiper that may block the glass.
  • Keep your windows clear and windshield – A scraper can be a good help so that you can see if there is a car behind you.
  • Have an emergency kit on to your trunk – a bag of salt, snow shovel, blanket, and bottled water.

The accident is prone in a bad weather, so before you go out, took off the road, plan your trip. Find a safe way to reach your destination. Here are some reminders while driving:

  • Drive safely and slowly – this is the most important thing of all. Because the road is covered with snow, you need to drive slowly.
  • Keep a more distance with the vehicle ahead of you – Vehicles usually have 3 seconds before they halt entirely in a dry pavement. So in winter weather, you should give at least 10 seconds to completely stop. That’s why you need to make a little distance with the car ahead with you to prevent bumping each other because of the slick road.
  • Be alert and know your route – it is essential that you know where you are heading on to be aware if there is a bridge or a hole.