Being drunk: Insurance Coverage covers a Tow Truck for you

When you are attending a party, and there are only drinks for you. Driving while in a drunken state is a bad idea. If your car insurance covered the towing cost, then you may call a towing truck. Letting your towed is a right idea especially if you can hold yourself anymore by being drunk. There are many tow truck business that willing to extend their services but, do not do it always. It is your last resource to go home if you can’t drive. But if you can’t the best one is to park your car and take a taxi. For more information about your roadside coverage, you can call or check with your insurance agent.

What is a roadside coverage?

Roadside is assistance or a towing and labor coverage, which covers your car if you get into an accident or you need a towing. It was your emergency option when you got a flat tire, get into the incident, and or run out of gas.  Being is not covered; however, there are now towing company that includes towing if you can’t drive anymore.

How can I get one?

If you have liability coverage then, probably it is not likely included. But if you have a collision coverage then, wherever is at fault, towing is available.

How much will it cost to get a roadside assistance plan?

Their plans started amount is $40 to $60 for your first year. If you have an upgrade, their premium coverage starts to get high, and it has additional benefit cost that can be a hundred dollars annually.

How often can I call for a towing?

Usually, you need to call assistance for four to five times per year. If you exceed the maximum, then you will pay for it. The total payment of the assistance that they provide to you is the one that you will pay for exceeding. Whatever the purpose is, their rates vary from the towing company from your location, but the minimum is $109.

How far is the Tow?

There are different services available in a towing coverage.  So must check on how far and what your insurance can cover. It can be towed into the nearest repair facility or if you can choose another way as to 100 miles away.

How to choose the right towing one?

Well if you need some towing there is plenty of it, but if you need to be secured, call your insurance company because they have more knowledge, and sometimes they also have partner towing company, so it is win-win if you have the towing coverage together with your car insurance, so you don’t need to pay for more.

Even if there are companies that are offering tow for your car if you are drunk, being a responsible drinker is the best attitude. Towing companies like to extend their service but not always, that it’s been your habit of getting drunk and calling for help like towing. So if you think you are going to attend some party and you think you will get drunk, don’t bring your car anymore.


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