Can I get an insurance payment for a car if my garage gets burn?

If your garage gets burn and your car is ruined, definitely you should file to claim for under car insurance policy supposing you have a comprehensive coverage. Your car insurance policy will send a check for the cost of repairs or a replacement for the damage result by accident. Typically your car insurance is the best to have a claim for the incident just like garage fire.

Depending on if you have a comprehensive coverage and the type of fire you may be filing a right in whatever kind of insurance coverage. However, it’s not always good to depend on every accident to file an insurance claim. If the damage of your car is minor, then it is advisable to pay out of pocket is the best choice.

Here are the things that you should file before applying for a claim and Calling your insurance company.

  • A  Fire Report – Upon request, the agency that responded to the emergency will give you a fire incident report.
  • Get medical report – If there is someone who got an injury due to the fire, seek for a medical report available. However, comprehensive coverage, liability, and collision insurance do not cover these medical claims.
  • The damages – You should have the videos and pictures that you collected when and after the fire together with the request of the destruction of the property.
  • The vehicle’s details – It is needed to give the exact details of your car that’s getting damaged. This detail includes the records of any recent repair and certificate including the title.
  • Witnesses details – If happens that there are witnesses; you need to attach its features to help you with the filing of your claim.
  • Finance company’s contacts – You need to insert the contact information of your finance company or a leasing firm or the company that you buy the vehicle.

After you finished collecting information about the incident, you should report it to your insurance company to get claims. Some insurance companies will send out another follow questions about the event, so you also need to fill it out completely and honestly. Submitting a detailed report can assure you of your claim not to be rejected.

Having insurance is a good thing, and getting one together with a medical coverage can be an excellent tandem. Some states require PIP or MedPay whatever medical insurance it is, the important thing is that you are insured. Getting car insurance with medical can increase your premium payment; however, if you’re involved in some accident, you can benefit on what you pay. You can claim one, only if you have a home insurance and if it is covered with it.

In terms of your burned garage, your car insurance has nothing to do with it. So if you want or need to repair and get an insurance claim, a home insurance can be a possible answer for it. Accidents are likely to happen whenever you are, like your garage getting burned with some wirings malfunction or anything that cause a fire. And unfortunately your car is parked inside on it, so it is so stressful. We can always prevent it from happening in terms of taking extra careful in everything.


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