Car insurance covers damage done by shopping cart

There is lots of parking lot accidents happen almost every day. The question is, can you make an insurance claim for this incident? Just like an event of someone hits your car with a shopping cart. If you have a comprehensive coverage, then the problem solves! Because comprehensive insurance is designed to cover situations like this, damages explicitly that cause by unknown people, uncontrolled objects, falling, theft and or other natural disasters and situations. However, before filing an insurance claim, there are few things to consider.

In many cases the damage to your vehicle isn’t extensive; the deductible for insurance claim will get higher than the repair cost. If you can, it is good to pay the damage repair came on your pocket. And save your insurance claim for the more huge event but hoping not.

Before filing a claim, here are the things that you should take note:

  • Is it worth it filing an insurance claim

 – Filing for a claim sometimes is not advisable. When a shopping cart is hitting your car is not likely to lead to a significant problem, unless the shopping cart is smashed to your vehicle that will cause more damage.  It is indeed frustrating that your favorite car has cost; however, even if you have a comprehensive coverage, you will always use it for claims.

  • You can save money in avoiding an insurance claim

– Because comprehensive coverage is a type of liability claim, where there are no people to be held accountable about the damage that is done to the car. If the case is that a shopping cart is hitting your vehicle, then it is not advisable to use your insurance for a claim. Maybe you can consider paying the repair from your pocket.

Because you will pay on your pocket, you will save money by not paying a deductible if you are going to use the comprehensive claim.

What is deductible, and should I pay for it?

A deductible is a sum that you will pay according to the agreement of paying out of your pocket when you want to file an insurance claim. If you pay for it, the insurance company will be the one who will help you to cover whatever is the remaining cost in the damages to your vehicle up to the policy limit.  A deductible is commonly required to pay in a collision coverage that will protect you in an accident that is not your fault.  Also, the deductible is required to comprehensive coverage, uninsured or the underinsured coverage sometimes.

The reason to pay for deductibles is to eliminate the small claims, which will help to keep your premium affordable and will also lessen the moral and moral hazard.

Processing claims requires minimum costs, which are mostly an independent amount of claim. The outlay of processing a small claim will create a higher percentage of claims itself. Hence deductible is an effective way to keep your premium cheap. The primary purpose of insurance is to cover significant possible cost of the damage which is generally preferred as large –loss principle which can financially ruin any individual business.


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