Car towing if you run out of gas

Going on a road trip and you unnoticed your running out of gas. If you have a roadside coverage, there is no problem. You can call a towing car to bring you to the nearest gas station. Worry no more, because you can use your insurance to cover the expenses. Remember to call your agent to ensure you use the correct tow provider. However, even if you’re roadside coverage will include the incident like running out of gas.  The road rescue operations advice and discourage you from repeating this kind of event. It may cause trouble to others if you run out of gas in the middle of the road. So checking your car fuel before taking on a road trip is a must.

Four things that you should know when you ran out of gas:

  • Pay attention to your car – If you are driving into the road that you think there is no available gasoline station, make sure to take a full tank so that you will not running out of gas in a secluded area. There is a car that provides warning signs that you are running out of gas. You may also see the gas gauge edge is closer to the dreaded “E” when it gets close the fuel has a low fuel light, and it is a warning that you need to fill one.
  • A potential Damage – This may not be noticed at first, but if you are running out of gas many times, there are situations that the car gets damaged. It is because the fuel pump can go out as it relies on the fuel and also the cooling and lubricant.
  • Check your surroundings – the first thing you will if you run out gas is to seek for nearest gasoline station to buy one. If you are not familiar with the place, make sure to note some landmarks and the name of the street or call assistance to the nearest store or people.
  • Be careful – If you are seeking for help, be more vigilant in your environment and the people around you, especially that you don’t know them.

Does my car insurance cover some towing?

Yes, there is insurance that includes vehicle towing in their coverage. If you run out of gas and you are requesting to tow your car, you need to call your insurance agent for it because they also have a partner towing company. It’s okay if you call another company; however; you are the one that will pay for it. Calling your insurance agent will give you directions to what you should do and sometimes they are the one who will send a towing truck for you.

Even if your insurance company covers towing, it is not advisable to always call a towing for your car. If you are going to travel into not familiar places, you must always be ready. Full your tank if you think that it will take too long to reach your destination.


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