Changing direction to avoid an animal
Shifting route to prevent an animal from being hit is one of the common accidents that happen on the road. Changing or turning your steering wheel to avoid the animal is a natural reaction. However, it can cause a severe car accident like bumping into another car or on the post. It is safer for the driver to hit the animal than preventing it. No one wants to hit an animal, but if it’s for your life, you need to. A comprehensive claim can be considered if you have a collision of the animal. Avoiding an animal and cause a more extensive accident is an at-fault collision.  Always remember that if you are on the road, Stay alert and drive slowly.

Tips to reduce the risk of hitting an animal in the road:

  • Avoid the peak hours – if you can, try to stay on the road at dawn, which the wildlife accidents most often occur.
  • Slow down – wherever you are, you must take slow down when there is someone who is crossing the road. And when there is an animal, make sure to slow down and carefully pass without hitting anyone.
  • Watch out on the road – when traveling at night, be like an owl which your eyes should be wide no literally but wide to see if there is an animal on the road.
  • Hit your Brakes – If you see an animal on the road don’t assume that t will always cross and left the way quickly you need to hit the brake to prevent from hitting the animal. Do not swerve or take turns easily when you encounter one because it may take to a more severe road accident.

What should you do if you hit an animal on the road? Well, no one wants to hit an animal, but it sometimes happens, but there are still ways to prevent it. The following are the things that you will do if you hit an animal on the road.

  • Stop the car – Even if it is not your fault, you must stop when you hit an animal on the road.
  • Stay at the scene – pull over your car on the side of which you can park it, wait for someone or the owner of the animal that you hit to ask for an apology and what you should do as the owner of the pet or animal.
  • If needed, Call the police – If you happen an animal that is listed in the Road Traffic Act 1988, you needed to report it to the police. See if the animal wears a tag, if not report the incident to the police and or call veterinarian to give an emergency or first aid to check if the animal is okay.

Here are the lists of animals that are covered in the Road Traffic Act 1988 as follows:









What if I hit an animal that it is not included on the list?

If you happen to hit an animal, not in the list like a cat, it sad and it is up to you if you want to report it to the police however you need to find if it has owner if there is, seek for a veterinarian to pure the animal if it was injured.

The best ways to prevent this type of incident is to be aware of your surroundings, especially when you are driving.


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