Distracted Driving Claim

One of the most growing concerns today is distracted driving. Let say for an instance. You are waiting for an important message coming from your boss. Everyone can imagine the urgency of this matter. So, when your phone beeps, you excitedly get your phone and check for the message without realizing that you are already approaching the wrong side of the road. Then, you suddenly hit it with your car. If this happens to you, there is a higher risk that your car’s undercarriage will get damaged. If you might not get ticketed and or file a car accident, it will be considered as an at-fault accident if you are going to claim for insurance. Collision coverage will do to file a claim for your car insurance.

What is Collision?

Collision is an insurance type of coverage that will help you to pay the replacement or repair of your damaged car. When your vehicle is a financing or leasing one, collision coverage is required by the lender. But if your vehicle is paid already, collision is an optional one for your insurance policy.

Getting a collision has benefits to you like pay nothing in terms of repairing your car when you also add a deductible fund with the collision coverage. The damage to your vehicle is being totaled to the coverage. And also, you will not pay out of pocket money if the repair is above the deductible cost.

Collision insurance covers the following:

  • An accident with another vehicle
  • An accident with a fence, a tree, or an object.
  • The accident for single-car collision which involves falling or rolling over.

Collision insurance does not include:

  • A not driving related accident like theft or hail
  • Being damaged by the other person vehicle
  • Medical Fees – which this is another insurance thing.

There is a limit in a collision coverage which your maximum amount is the actual cash amount value of your car. Also, the collision has a deductible, which is the amount you promise to pay before your coverage helps you to pay for your claims. You can have the privilege to choose how much the amount you can pay on. So if you pick to pay $1000 for a deductible, you have to pay the same amount to your repair cost in later that your vehicle got damaged. The rest of the expenses will be on your collision coverage.

To prevent getting in an accident, you need to be careful while driving. Whether you are waiting for an urgent call or message, or there is an emergency that you need pick up your phone while you are driving, pull over your car on the road and park on a safe place. Safety is a must thing not only for you but also to the other people and vehicle around you.

Don’t have Car insurance?  Talk to your financing company or check out the insurance company nearest to you for more details. Being insured can be optional, but having one is not a bad thing to have. In every day, seconds when you are on the road, there are possibilities that you can get into an accident but hoping not. And having insurance can give you an emergency payment for the damages on the incident.


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