Hit and run Accident

Accidents like vehicle hit a person, object, animal or car and the driver knowingly leave the scene without giving their information is an example of hit and run. If you are a victim with this kind of accident, if you can able to identify the driver’s license plate number and the police will get the insurance information, then the at-fault driver will be held financially responsible for the incident. Even if you can’t identify the missing driver, reporting it is essential so that you can have come handy to claim a hit and run claim. Call your insurance company and file hit and run claim so that your insurer will help you process through to get claims.

When you are being hit and run is a truly frustrating event, especially if the driver run away. On this case, you may want to consider using your car insurance for the repair of the damage. Here are the things that you should too if you are a victim of a hit and run:

  • Record any information that you may collect about the scene – if you witness the event, try to record all the data of the driver or the car that had hit your car like the color of the vehicle, model, plate number, and others.
  • If you are not around when the accident occurs, seek for anyone who may be a witness about the accident happens.
  • Call for a police report – Hit and run is a serious offense, so if the driver had been caught, he or she would face a severe consequences. Giving all the information about the incident may help the police a chance to find the liable one. If you are driving while it happens, check for your safety first and make sure no one is injured. Park your car in a safer place and wait for the police to arrive and take an investigation.
  • Report it to your insurance company – because you are the victim of a hit and run and no one else can take the responsibility in the situation, you need to call for the assistance of your insurance company.

Do you still have to pay the deductible for your car insurance?

If you are a victim of this unfortunate situation like the hit and run, and you do not have a collision type of insurance. In this type of case, you will have to pay for the repairs or replacement of your car. On the contrary, if you happen to get or identify the person who is liable for the accident, the damage or will be covered by the other party. It can be covered under a direct compensation by your insurance company — the persona fault should have this type of insurance policy like the Collision coverage to apply one.

We hope there won’t be a chance of you encountering a hit and run accident. However, in case you do, we have these information will help you on the things you need to do.


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