Hitting a Pot Holes

A pothole is considered as a car accident which turned the driver to be at-fault. It is a massive problem for drivers. The insurance company is not responsible for this kind of problem. The repairing damages of the vehicle caused by potholes, it’s because you can avoid it on the road. You can drive slowly over a pothole to prevent it. Filing this in your insurance can be called as at-fault claims because you didn’t pay attention what’s on the road and you need to pay the collision deductible. But you can also claim insurance for this if you can prove that it is not your fault. To avoid this kind of accident, you must see to it that your eyes are on the road.

Here are some signs that your car got damage after hitting a pothole:

  • Rims – Bents rims can be possible if you had too much speed and hit the pothole that may cause bending of the side rims.
  • Tires – There is a possibility that you got a flat tire if your wheels run into the pothole.
  • Exhaust System – when you heard weird noise from the exhaust system may, or you must have a complete inspection of your vehicle.
  • Undercarriage -when you hit the pothole it may cause damage to the undercarriage. It may turn into some minor to the major problem to your car like fluid leaks and rust formation or maybe a beginning too.

How to avoid potholes? Here the tips that you could do:

  • Maintain the recommended tire pressure of the air, since when it is properly inflated the tires can provide the best buffer between dipping pavement, broken and the rims. Over-inflating or too-firm tires can damage your car tires.
  • Prevention is the key. Leaving some space with you and the car in front of you can easily give you the advantage to spot potholes.
  • Reduce speed if you are traveling during a damp weather, it is hard to critic if the pothole is so deep or not. You are taking some extra caution while driving can lead you to identify the hazards road, and you can easily spot potholes before it can damage your vehicle.

Can I claim for the pothole damage?

Yes, it is possible; you can be entitled to get some compensation about the damage into your car, especially if it is the negligence of the authority. The local authority is responsible for maintaining the roads in their area. So if proven they will compensate you and help you with the damage caused by the pothole.

However, if you aren’t entitled to compensation, your car insurance can help you with it. Listed here are some things that you should do to get a claim.

  1. Collect some evidence – After you secure your safety, gather some evidence or information about the incident. Took some photos of the pothole and the damage that cause to your vehicle. You also need to insert the time, date, witness if there is, and your location of the incident.
  2. Report it – Even you are or you are going to claim some compensation, reporting as a good citizen of the country is the best decision. To help others not to be a victim of the pothole, it is essential to report it so that the local authority should know it and take action.
  3. Call your insurance company – seek for the help of your insurance agent about what you should do in terms of claims.

Always remember to be vigilant enough when in the road to prevent accidents may it be a minor to major and extreme on.


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