Hitting your  car on the road

Getting into an accident on the way and you happened to slam another vehicle. Your Insurance will work. If there is no injury to the both involve, collision coverage will do for the damages. However, if there are injuries, the claims can be tricky. The at-fault car’s liability policy will be the one to cover the injury to the other party.  If the at-fault driver or the passenger is injured, they will be covered by their Personal Injury Policy (PIP) if they have or Health Insurance policy will cover the injury.  Getting into trouble especially on the road is likely happens, but being a liability if you are at-fault is the right thing. Having insurance is essential but being a carefulness driver is the best thing.

Here are some tips that you should do if you happen to hit your car on the road.

  • Pull Over your Car – to keep out traffic; you need to pull over your car into a safe area and put it into hazard lights.
  • Check your safety and the one – Safety first before anything else; you should check yourself first or even if you have someone with if they are okay and no injury.
  • Call a 911 – If there is somebody that is hurt, call a 911 for the emergency and a police.
  • Make an exchange of car insurance information – even if it is a minor accident you also need to exchange both you’re car insurance information for more details and to decide which of which on the both of you will be liable in the accident.
  • Have a Police report – it is ideal to file a police report to see to it that you can have a record for your insurance claims.
  • Take a photo of the accident – to have documentation; you need to take some pictures on the accident scene.
  • Notify your insurance company – to have an insurance claim, you also need to contact your insurer for the details and so that they will tell you about what you should do to have a claim.

Collision coverage is the right one that you should apply on to have a claim. This coverage will help you pay to repair and or replace your car if it has been damaged in the accident. The collision insurance only covers such as:

  • A crash with another vehicle
  • Collision with an object or thing such as tree
  • The single-car accident which it involved falling or rolling or the car.

Remember that collision coverage has a limit, which the limit is the actual cash value of your vehicle. If your car has been totaled or if the damage exceeds from the coverage you will not replace your vehicle. A depreciated value that if you think it will exceed maybe you want to use your own money to pay. It is essential that you have insurance for your car, especially collision coverage. This type of coverage may help you in case you had encounter accident, hope it will not happen though. There are instances that it happens so, to have a little extra caution would be great.


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