Is Car insurance covers Flood Damage

The auto insurance company now covers a flood damage incident. The comprehensive coverage covers it all. This coverage can resolve the injuries that your vehicle gets in the flood. Flood Damage to your car is the cause of a natural calamity which you as an owner can’t do anything. If you want to claim in your car insurance, you must contact your insurance company as soon as possible. And seek for assistance what is the best solution for the damage of your vehicle. To prevent your car for a total loss, identify the risk level for the potential flood in your area to secure your vehicle. Whether it’s for advising or any other things, there is an insurance agent that you can seek for a help.

What type of insurance covers Flood damage to my car?

Comprehensive would be the answer if your car got damaged because of the flood. If damage to your car came from the natural or not involved with another vehicle, then comprehensive coverage is good to buy on. Also, when you buy a car, it is optional if you want to have insurance coverage such as collision and comprehensive. However if your car is in leasing company then, you are required to get one until you fully paid. And if you own the car, then it is your choice if you want to, but for your safety and your car may be you must consider.

If you think you lived to a place that is flood prone area, then, getting a comprehensive coverage is an advantage. In contrary insurance company restricts to purchase the comprehensive coverage if a calamity such as a storm is on the way and it’s near or routing to the direction of your area. Because there instances that people get a comprehensive to get claims because of the storm and they will only pay for it like a few days.

 Why do you want to wait for an emergency to happen before you apply for one, it is best that you are always ready in case of an emergency?  So don’t wait for a disaster before you get one.

Here are some tips for applying a claim in terms of flood damage

  • Call your insurance agent – as soon as possible; you must call insurance agent or company about your requests.
  • Dry your car as possible – To avoid more damages and total loss, dry your vehicle as possible.
  • Use insurance carrier for the repair. The insurance carrier is where your payment went.

Another solution for you is to identify if your place is near or prone to flood then you must secure your car if there is a bad weather coming. You may park it in a higher location which will not be reached by the flood. Also, see to it that it is far from the trees because it is another problem when a branch of the tree falls on your car. Even if you have car insurance, you will not worry too much because it can be covered, but it is best if you will also be ready so that you will not be charged a higher deductible.



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