Is Stolen or Vandalized Car covered by car insurance?
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What if your car was stolen or vandalized? Will, your car insurance, covers the damage?

If you have a comprehensive insurance, then your car is covered. You can file an insurance claim for your vehicle. Whether your vehicle was keyed in or the windshield is shattered and spray painted. Your comprehensive insurance covers everything. Even, if your car is stolen and there are things inside such as the laptop, cellphones, and others. The insurance will not cover that kind of items such as lost or stolen inside your car. Comprehensive insurance can only cover the damages that occur on your vehicle. And having a full coverage doesn’t guarantee that you will get immediate cash instantly. So be prepared for an emergency fund.

The benefits of getting a comprehensive insurance in terms of:

  • Stolen car – When your vehicle got stolen a comprehensive coverage can’t give or pay you for a new one, but they help in terms of the payment of the stolen car.
  • The car is damaged or vandalized – if your vehicle is parked in a roadway some passers intentionally scratches painted cars for fun. So if it was vandalized or scratched, a comprehensive insurance could help you about it. They will provide, or your insurance company will be the one who will help you in terms of repairing your car.
  • Damage related to Weather – Comprehensive insurance also covers any natural calamity that may damage your car.
  • Animal-related events – It may sound impossible, but there are chances that you may encounter an animal on the street, and when you finally hit the brake, it is too late. You already heard a thud in your car. It is useful if you have a comprehensive coverage to get your vehicle fixed.

How does comprehensive insurance work?

  1. The window glass of your car got to smash, and unfortunately, it was damaged, so you need to fix it.
  2. File an insurance claim, because of the incident you need to request in your insurance agent about the repair of the window so that you can use it again. Filing an insurance claim will depend on your insurance company because there is now application online, in mobile app or office to paper to the paper application.
  3. The car gets to be repair – If you have a deductible like $1,000, you will only pay it, and your insurer will pay the rest of the payment.

Deductible applies when there are damages to your car and nobody else. In general, rules are that when you’re insurance company pays your repairs, you will also pay the deductible. Pay as they also pay.

If you are asking if your car can get a claim about being stolen or damage, yes it is. If you have insurance coverage like comprehensive and or collision, then 100% assurance that you can get a claim. However, there are instances that they can’t get a claim for the damage; it is because they don‘t give an exact detail or more precise detail about what happened to their vehicle.

So if you want to file a claim, make sure always to have supporting details and evidence that will satisfy the insurance to grant you for the request. If you have more questions, you can visit or call your insurance company for a clearer understanding.


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