Top 10 Car Insurance Providers – Comparing with their Pros and Cons

Some things happen for a reason, and it is inevitable. It may be unstoppable, but we can at least do something to give our lives just a bit of protection. How? Well, you can get insurance. Getting this plan is like you are mindful of the possibilities that may happen to you or your family shortly. It is like you are giving your life a financial protection in case you get caught in a serious situation. Whatever type of insurance, may it be a life insurance or the one for your car, be sure to choose only the best.

With many insurance companies out there, choosing the best can be an overwhelming task.  However, it is still best that you do your homework. This will ensure that you can truly rely on the one that you choose. Do some researches first before you sign and complete that insurance purchase.

Choosing the Best

Since you found yourself here, reading this article, you might as well read further to know how you can choose for the best company. We also include and compare the top companies who are known to provide the best insurance. You check that out a bit later but first, let’s talk about the things that you should consider in selecting for the best company. The first thing that you should consider is their expertise. Since you are getting a car insurance, it is best for you to know if this company is an expert in that field.

Be sure that this company can meet its needs. Those are required for the coverage of the said insurance policy. Also, it would be best if you could contact a live agent than any operator. Having a company that provides live support is truly a valuable thing to consider. If in case you have a query or a problem with the policy, you can have someone reliable to talk to immediately.   

Who’s the Best?

If you want to gain the best protection for your car, then choose the best provider of car insurance. Choosing for the best can be challenging but take note of the tips that we shared from the previous paragraph, and you will find the best one. To guide you more in the selection process, we have listed and compared below the companies that are highly-rated by the majority of car owners:

  1. GEICO – one of the most recognizable insurance providers maybe mainly because of their mascot. Getting an insurance policy from them, you can also access other additional coverage such as Auto Repair Express, Ridesharing insurance, Breakdown coverage, and Emergency roadside assistance. You may already get excited because of these additional coverages but they may not convenient for your budget. Others have found difficulty in processing their claims. So, it may take much of your time.
  • The Hartford – this company have been in the insurance service for many years, helping them built their excellent reputation. They are known best with their claims processing, customer service, multiple policy discounts, and guaranteed policy renewals as long as one can drive. They are also highly rated for their claims management.  The downside with them is the low number in the service experience when it comes to the processing of claims. Also, the AARP member gets the best of this company’s benefits.
  • Auto-Owners Insurance – just like The Hartford, this company have already been in the service for many years. Because of that, they have established their name and are known to provide a variety of insurance discounts; they assign individual agents and better customer service. However, if you don’t qualify for the said discounts, you will be facing expensive policies. Their website isn’t that responsive and friendly, unlike others.
  • USAA – they are said to be the best insurance provider because they have a variety of policy options to be suitable for everyone’s needs, making them top rated when it comes to customer satisfaction. However, their services are not open to the general public. It is because they only cater to members as well as the former members and family members of the United States Military.
  • Allstate Insurance – this car insurance provider, offers various discount options for passive restraint, anti-theft devices and for bundling. They also have a reliable website where you can easily browse for more information about them and services. But if you don’t get or bundle policies, it can be expensive and costly for you.
  • Liberty Mutual – they offer the best standard coverage with multiple options to add. These options include deductible fund, better car replacement and even accident forgiveness where the insurance rates will not increase when it is found out that it is your first accident. But their policies can be costly especially if you are getting a single policy.
  • Esurance – they offer customized insurance options, giving their clients easy access to their service. No need to go to their office, as long as you have an internet connection, getting a quote from them is easy.
  • State Farm – to provide better service, they have local offices as well as agents to provide in-person help. Aside from their reliable website, they also have an amazing mobile app, and they have many discounts all available just for you.
  • QuoteWizard – their excellent service includes a way to compare rates on various car insurance options. So, you get to find the best plan suitable for your needs fast, saving you more of your time and money.
  1. Progressive – with their website and excellent service, no wonder they have the best online presence. Some of the pros that they have are road assistance, strong financial ratings, lease or loan payoff program and great discounts for all.  They offer their policies with competitive pricing, literally, a significant advantage to all vehicle owners. Yes, vehicle owners because they also offer motorcycle coverage.

Those are the top rated insurance providers for 2019. The list may be long, but everyone is sure that with the pros and cons being laid down for each company, you can already select the best for you. Remember also that you shouldn’t just focus on their premiums. It is best that you go with the company that offers affordability that perfectly fits with your needs.


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